The Emerald Throne

The Emerald Throne

Rosina Bond Numerology

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This work is designed to increase attraction, love and abundance into your life.

We all desire more space and harmony in the home and this work brings this and much more. When you need more support, guidance or insight, meditate and use the energy within as the symbols are there to help you harmonies and enrich your life. There are times when you need to feel more balance and passion from within and this painting will assist you in reaching this. It is time to be more open to the possibilities and potential that you have with in.

The number 7 is used as it opens your vision, heart and helps you attract what you desire. It is the number of heart and love, vision and strength.

Come and chat to me about this work and I will explain how it can help you. If you are drawn to this then you are drawn to it for a reason.

This painting also includes a reading with Rosina

Size 920mm X 1225mm

Oil on canvas