Reset With Power 2019

Reset With Power 2019

Rosina Bond Numerology

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We all want more – money, love, joy, fulfilment – and 2019 is the year to go and get it all, says Christchurch numerologist, author and business mentor Rosina Bond.

Her new book, Reset with Power 2019: Relationships, Reflection, Communication and Attraction, is a guide to what she says will be a “powerful” year.

“Whatever form success takes for you, this year will allow you to manifest more in every way as long as you are aligned and plan.”

Rosina uses universal principles of attraction and intention in mentoring individuals, entreprenuers and business owners.   

“Most people don’t live a consciously designed life. When you understand the energies that are available to you and how to align your intentions and actions with them, it becomes easier to create more of everything.”

In numerology terms, 2019 offers the powerful energy of the 3 vibration. 

“I love the 3 frequency because it promises success.”

She also has a promising message for the unhappily unattached.

“A 3 year also pushes a focus on relationships. You can heal the past and connect more passionately and deeply. But you will need courage and to be willing to forgive and let go.”

Whatever you’re seeking, Rosina says 2019 is the year to ‘’believe in it and achieve it’’.

“Step into your power by asking for more and believing you’re worth it. What’s on offer is incredible so don’t waste a drop as this is a year full of magic, imagination and power.”

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