Opening Empowerment

Opening Empowerment

Rosina Bond Numerology

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The Reason

This ritual can be done when you are feeling tired and depleted, limited or blocked by something. This is a gentle and easy to follow ritual, using verse, a candle and ribbon.

It will assist you in releasing fear, and clear anything holding you back or dis-empowering you. It is an ideal ritual to do when you need resolution about a specific issue or situation. This ritual will empower you and open doors that may be currently blocked.

It is your right to claim abundance to know your intuition, to feel empowered and energised in everything you do. This will allow you to step forward into the world with confidence with an increased sense of self worth because you are entitled.

Timing & Options

Perform this ritual on the first Sunday following a Full Moon - We Have a Full Moon on the 15th August.

Why consider ritual?
Ritual focuses the mind and harnesses your inner essence.
Directs the energy and attracts outcome.
Women have gifts and abilities, but sadly, not all women are equal as so many are not taught about their inner power that holds many answers.
A magical woman is a woman who sees what she is capable of, what is in front of her and what steps she can take to change her life.

Here is my definition of what magic and ritual mean to us in our contemporary world today.

Ritual definition: When you align your spiritual, intuitive abilities together and ask the universe to support the process.
Then combining physical elements such as herbs and objects while setting clear intentions, asking for universal help with a particular outcome.
Magic and ritual is an organised wish that carries the desired energy to manifest into reality.  When you perform a ritual, you are making your wish more like a round trip request. You send it out into the universe, knowing it has the power to come back to you, and the universal energy responds in kind. 

This is an A4 printable that you will receive right away.