Money Codes

Money Codes

Rosina Bond Insight

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I have seen some amazing breakthroughs using these insights and whilst they may be considered unusual, sometimes odd, they work because they unlock the unworthy within you and our mission together is for you to release the unworthy. Your self-worth is key to attracting more wealth into your life as it is your worth that repels and attracts opportunities.

You will have eight modules to read and work through which you will receive weekly. We will look at belief, worth, mindset, entitlement and numerology codes that help you plan and attract more. The numerology will be specifically for you and your business, not generic.

It is time to be more open to unlock your money and wealth potential as it is vast and worth meeting. All I ask is that you be open, honest and real about your financial status right now and willing to try a few new things.

Available July 2018