Mindful Ritual for Busy Women

Mindful Ritual for Busy Women

Rosina Bond Numerology

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A magical person is a person who sees what they are capable of, what is in front of them and what steps to take because they know and trust who they are.

I spent my early years learning the spiritual arts and crafts available to me, and now I am sharing a few of these with you.

These practices have saved my emotional life, many times, they have empowered me through hardships, love turbulence, loss, money worries and daily stresses. It was essential to know that the universe had my back and by following these rituals, they showed me first hand. Through hard times and exciting times, I have turned to the heavens for guidance and ritual for me was the connection I needed to know that everything was going to be OK.

I am sharing a few of these, tried and true rituals with you in my eBook Mindful Ritual For Busy Women. My mission is to help you open your awareness and harness what is rightfully yours by offering you simple ways and practices to support you and your process. These simple to follow and safe to use practices have saved many of my friends and clients also and now it is your turn.

All of us have the ability to attract more, however, most are not taught about their inner power, the universal powers, where to find answers and how to use these forces to your advantage. This guide helps you direct the energy into the right areas and attract desired outcomes.

This eBook is an A4 printable - purchase now and upload right away.

Join me and soon you will be able to join my private group to.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Love Rosina