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Let's Talk Sacred Collective - Private Women's Group

Let's Talk Sacred Collective - Private Women's Group

Rosina Bond Numerology

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Let's Talk Sacred Collective is a Private Facebook group for Women, a place where you will be encouraged, inspired and informed from a spiritual perspective. This is a dedicated sacred space for women, a space, where you can share, learn and feel supported with powerful spiritual practices that have been used in Rosina's family for many generations. This group is called "Let's Talk" because we want you to talk and share in this sacred space.

Join for 3 months for only $36

We are closed right now but please email us and we will let you know when the doors are open again. rosinabond@icloud.com

  • Daily posts on what energy is available, including inspiring tips and intentions on how to align with the inner and outer power.
  • Monthly videos on relationships, finance and more from an emotional and numerology perspective.
  • How to look after your mindset to keep yourself on track.
  • Mindful Manifesting techniques for money, relationships, and spiritual awareness.
  • Something special each month depending on the focus, a meditation or gift of some sort.
  • Weekly FB Live insights Plus access to the library of videos already there, on relationships 2019 and Wealth 2019 which will continue to build each month.
  • On the 3rd Wednesday of each month, a 1 hour intuitive session with Rosina where you will be able to ask personal questions and receive messages from spirit.
  • A Full or New Moon Ritual to help you clear or manifest more.
  • When the MR phases are and how to manage them.

Join soon for only $36 for THREE months, and let's begin sharing and learning together.