Rosina Bond Numerology

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Intuitive Investigations - I love to analyse and pulse the energy of everything, companies, numbers, names, etc to find the rhythms of what is possible, how they may change, or fall apart. I spend my spare time when I'm not working or spending time with my family looking at financial economies as I'm fascinated by the fluctuations and this reading is an extension of what I do when I look at local and global fascinations.

This is an ideal option when you have a query on something tangible, you may be worried about a client, a new contract, or something financial. I will look into your query in detail and then share with you what I find. The objective is to find what the possibilities are and pulse what you have to work with.
Here are a few examples of what I have done recently.
1. Looking at a house or section before they purchase - I have previously seen issues with boundaries and water.
2. Why they are having continual financial issues.
3. How to potentially resolve a dispute or calm a relationship.
4. Compatibility of a potential business partner.
5. Work through their debtor's list and see where possible issues lie.
6. Staff conflict/resolution
7. How will a business cope through a challenge?
8. A financial view of possibilities.
How it works
I ask for the details I need, i.e company name and birthdate of you or other (if possible)
I work on the numerology and energy of what you supplied me.
I come back to you with my answers through audio.
Most investigations take about 1 hour which is $87. If I look at this and feel it will take longer, I will tell you before I start.
Initial hour - $87
Further charges are done in 15-minute increments of $20