House Cleansing and Balancing

House Cleansing and Balancing

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House Cleansing and Balancing

When you have gone through a tough time personally, you often do a cleanse or focus on nurturing you to get you back on track. Well it is exactly the same for any home, the old energies build up and these stagnant energies stay, meaning they need freshening up and a little nurture.

Have you ever walked into a house and felt shivers run down your spine? I think we have all had one of those moments. Energy can get locked in a house and no matter how pretty you make it; it stays and plays havoc with your emotions and sometimes health. We have all gone through tough times, cried or felt down or depressed and after a difficult time, these energies stay in the house and they need moving on or they can hold you hostage. 

How this works...

I first look at the address using numerology and then I look at the spiritual connection to the land, I look at what potentially hinders you and the property in any way, what affects the property from the past; even if the building is new the energy within the earth is not and at times this affects those that live or dwell there. This is a very gentle and positive process, there is nothing scary or odd done so there is no need to worry, all I am doing is harmonising the home to make its inhabitants more relaxed so they feel at ease.

A house clearing usually takes about 90 to 120 minutes.


When someone moves into a new home that they have purchased for an amazing price because there was a marriage separation, you must clear the past to release the betrayal and fear. Imagine the energy left behind and again the clearing will bring the property back into balance and harmony, removing the old energy to free it up.



When a business has been through a tough time financially, a restructure or with staff then this is an ideal time to harmonise and reset. Please feel free to come and chat about this one as I design this to suit your needs.

Wellington – Remedy

This property had undergone a major renovation and my clients restored the home beautifully. The restoration had taken almost a year and they felt a lot of energies there with all the contractors coming and going, the property felt unsettled. I made them a remedy (an oil to burn) to clear the old and re-balance everything when they moved in. They followed my instructions and said it felt fresh and great and ready for a fresh start, a simple and soft solution.

Sumner Surprise – insurance issue

My client had a major fight for two years with his insurer, all he could get was $900,000 on paper but the house to replace was 1.1mil - no one was willing to budge and the last meeting pushed my client over the edge.

He came to me in desperation, I cleared the land burying items to harmonise and then I asked him to hold off all negotiations for three months, there was a lot of fear due to the height and land size plus Sumner has intense spiritual energies and there are often issues, i have cleared more than 40 homes in Sumner alone. The owner was also blocking everything so I coached him through the process, plus the insurer didn’t want to move or make it easy, the anger had blocked all negotiations from moving forward, everyone wanted to win. The three months gave everyone space – At the next meeting everyone was calm and they negotiated 1.3 and everyone was happy, it was paid out within two weeks.

Merivale Manor – not selling

I worked on a home in Merivale CHCH, there was nothing wrong with the land but I picked up water issues (emotions) along the boundary line. The property had passed in at auction at 1.3 and everything stalled fir months. I cleared the house and buried some stones to bring in some balance. There had been a fight between the two neighbours over some trees. The house was re-listed and sold for 1.8. They were not getting the price they wanted due to the block. 

Auckland – consent issues

An Auckland business was being held up because of consent issues, no matter what they complied with there would always be another issue and so on it went. My client purchased it at an amazing price due to all the hold ups and frustrations from the previous owner, he simply gave up. My client came and spoke to me prior to it going unconditional, I explained there was a lot of negativity under the building that had been there for a long time and we would need to do something. I felt that there were some old bones under the building and there was no way you could get to them. The building was old, more than 80 years, I told him to sit purchase and sit on it as the old building was tenanted for another year then to sell it for the land. He sat on this for one year and sold it making a great profit, the new owner demolished the building only to find, old bones. These bones were removed sensitively and the new complex looks fabulous. 

You can always make things right and a clearing, in this case, helped for one year, a great outcome short term. 

Confidentiality - I won't give direct details on any person or property and the stories attached are true but no personal details contained. 

Options & Costs... 

First, I look at your property address to look at what is needed, this review process costs $35 and is what you will be charged for when you first order.

Once I receive your order, I will be in touch with a remedy and suggestions for moving forward.

Balancing – this can be done remotely, this option gives you a written meaning and an energy view of the property plus a remedy, this is ideal if you are looking to sell in the near future. $120

If you are a real estate agent, then come and talk to me about the properties you have listed.

Cleansing – I can come and clear a property for you or I can send you something to complete yourself. $140 - $400

Review – this is a written view, which looks at the potential issues of the property for those living there and from the address itself. I have completed many of these for developers, realtors, and contractors; I look at the plans if this is commercial or bare land. $120 - $300

The best thing is to call me to discuss your property together and I will advise you the best option. Please use the form below to get in touch or through messenger.

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