Heal and Release

Heal and Release

Rosina Bond Numerology

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2019 is an incredible year for healing the past and releasing the unwanted. The transition period will push buttons the most and when you will need the most help.  (1st November - 28th February)

Your personal power is intimately connected with your foundation of your self worth. Where one goes, the other follows. This means if you fail to support yourself  then you deplete your power, and repeat the past.

This printable (eBook) is the starting point to change and your path forward, meaning everything you need is right inside you. There is nothing missing. Its time to acknowledge your worth and trust your instincts and heal your past.

Remember when you overthink, fear increases and stops you from living. When your thoughts keep you locked in limitation and you can't see your way out, you need to shake it off. We have all been there, and sometimes we live with a limited version of ourselves, not the authentic version.

You are enough, you are safe, and right now you have everything you need to love and believe in yourself. Trust that!

What you feed your mind does matter, just like your diet matters. If you keep feeding yourself the same plate of food over and over for weeks, months or even years then eventually you will become depleted or maybe even sick. You need balance, you need variety, and you need to nurture and love your mind just like your body.

Thought is power, thought becomes belief and belief becomes your living reality. 

It is time to heal and release.

This is an A4 printable.