Financial Reading - Personal

Financial Reading - Personal

Rosina Bond Insight

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Money problems (at their root) are always mindset problems. The greatest financial obstacle we face is our lack of awareness and connection to our bank accounts, something almost none of us has ever been taught. Instead, we accept lack and embrace upper limiting beliefs, unknowingly holding them as truths, even though they are a form of unconscious self-sabotage, we nurture them anyway. We tighten ourselves up emotionally and physically which drastically constricts the possibility that the money we so eagerly want and need, can flow to us. Once you begin to shift your mindset, your entire experience with money begins to change and everything changes.

We are at the midpoint of the year which is a fabulous time to do a financial energy review, allowing you to clear, plan and focus on what support you may need. This is a special reading all about you your wealth and money lessons, mindset and possibilities, firstly I take a look and explain the energy surrounding your wealth now and how you can maximise the next six months.

Let’s take a look and see what is open, supportive and positive or what could work against you that you could avoid during the next six months.
It’s time to feel fulfilled and achieve more.
You may be keen to change direction or build a side hustle, let’s see if this is a good idea and what a direction shift could offer.

What you receive is

An audio all about you and your money

Plus a 40 minute phone or Skype call