Personal Forecast 2018

Personal Forecast 2018

Rosina Bond Readings

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Are you ready for some deep insight into 2018, to see what this next year holds for you, your love life, work, relationships and family?

If you need some insight into your 2018 then this reading is for you. This is a channeled reading all about you and your situation, one where I bring through what you need to know now, to make your life better. When I was taught the art of reading by my mother, I was shown how to connect to another and read the essence of them to bring through the information that they need to hear to help them win this life.

This reading offers a powerful amount of information as I want to inspire you or help you heal. I will explain what I see for you and offer suggestions on how to proceed to get the clarity that you need.

This is one of my favorite readings as it brings clarity and purpose and all I need is your permission, name and birthdate.

This is a written expression reading helping you understand what you have to work with, what you nee to heal to clear and how to work around potential blocks.

  • Your health
  • Your wealth
  • Your work
  • Your mindset, communication and suggested ways to empower yourself.
  • Your relationships, including the best way to communicate.

After you book -  I will be in touch within 24 hours - I am fast, unless I am asleep. I will send you a questionare with what I need and also there is space for you to ask questions.

Adding Relationships or Family

I will advise you when I can have this back to you and I will ask for the personal details I need. This reading can include one other, however if you would like to add your kids, there will be extra charges of $10 per child.

I can't wait to meet you thanks Rosina

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