Business Reset Monthly

Business Reset Monthly

Rosina Bond Numerology

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There is nothing more inspiring to me than when I see someone I am working with reconnecting to their power and passion and especially when they have struggled to hold their faith in what they offer and do.
I love what I do because I make a difference in others lives through tmentoring, reading, emails and social media updates. All of my program recipients receive private emails of inspiration and insight on how to continue supporting themselves and stay on task. We all go through lean and challenging times, and these emails and audios have become such an integral part of their support systems that even after we finish our program, I get asked if they can stay on the list. This year I have made these available to everyone and here is your chance to give it a try.

What you will get is a written update and audio explaining the overall theme for the month, the power days, days to be mindful of and loads of tips and insights that help you make your month the best it can be. I speak about all of this from an intuitive energy and numerology perspective

The Business Reset Monthly April 2019
What you will receive.
A PDF (16-18 pages approx ) featuring easy to read and understand information to keep you aware and inspired plus a 20 Minute audio with details and specifics about the month. The audio is essential as you when you hear the emotions behind something; you understand it so much more.

Each month includes the how to guide CEO day, helping you stay clear, passionate and on track.

I believe in what I do so much that if you are not happy with the information I supply, I will give you your money back. See terms...

This guarantee only applies to The Business Reset Monthly

I will give you your money back once you have shared why, I do this so I can continue to make my Reset better. so

You will receive your money back through PayPal minus costs and fees taken from PayPal. It must be done within 7 days.