Business Consult - Gold

Business Consult - Gold

Rosina Bond Numerology

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Lets look at your buiness to help you feel more in charge and ready to achieve more for less.

My Objective
The best thing to do is come and have a chat and let me design something to suit you, your needs and budget.

I read the emotions of others which means, I work a little different than most as I read possible outcomes. I help individuals and business owners rediscover their strengths and purpose and show them why they can get what they want. I help them rediscover their BIG WHY to refine their business or personal and relationship objectives, by helping them RESET and align emotions.

My mission is to help them free their emotional inner binds, change their mindsets, to become clear with defined strategies to achieve outcomes.

I see successful people daily with immense expertise and ability stonewalling themselves through lack of clarity and fear of not being enough. They often feel the weight of business and life on them, not knowing how to support themselves through change, as their mindset is holding them hostage. Fear becomes their normal expectation which creates blocks meaning they limit success and opportunity.

We talk and I challenge them to embrace their best. I share how I know they can change by offering practical ideas and solutions to maximise their objectives.
I support them emotionally by allowing them to feel safe enough to clear the past and help them re-organise their emotional life. First we clear what is blocking or limiting them, then with this awareness, we build.
I introduce them to my RESET program that enables them to rediscover their BIG WHY plus share tried and tested techniques on how they can continue supporting themselves going forward.

This is a private confidential business consultation.

We discuss and look at

Your business and legal name from a numerology perspective name which then helps me determine your financial situation and potential. I need this before you come.

I am currently booked up till 14th January 2019 - please email me to put your name on the list and I will be in touch.

talkI explain how you can feel emotionally safer, what potential blocks you have and what needs re-organising emotionally and practically.

  • I show you how to free your self from the hostage holders by acknowledging the blocks.
  • We look at the past, then we look ahead at the next few months or more to see how you can make the most of everything.
  • This session is about setting up the potential.
  • This includes my Business Overview on how you can maximise the 2018 year.

Conscious Decision - It is time to get clear and live a balanced life.

  • I work in Papauni, Christchurch
  • Please allow up to 90 minutes for our session.
  • You can pay by direct credit or PayPal
  • This is a 2 hour consultation process - 30 minutes for me to work on your name and date of birth prior to us meeting - 90 face to face or skype.

Payment is required prior to any work commensing.

Please email me first to see when I am available at or message me through messenger on the home page.

Thanks Rosina