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Rosina Bond Insight

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We talk and I challenge you to embrace your best. I share how I know you can change by offering practical ideas and solutions to maximise your new objectives.
I support you emotionally by helping you to feel safe enough to clear the past and re-organise your emotional and physical life. First we clear what is blocking or limiting you, then with this awareness, we build.
Mentoring with me includes my RESET or Self Love program this enables you to rediscover your BIG WHY plus share tried and tested techniques to bring about change and what aspects will continue supporting you going forward.

Life offers immense opportunities and through numerology and my skill set, I can show you how to meet life face to face. Life is meant to feel empowered which is a conscious decision, one I hope you make by joining me to learn more about what I offer.

I meet and chat with you first to make sure firslty, I can help and that we fit together. You also get to hear how I work and decide if what I offer is enough for you.

Come and have a free chat to hear how I work and if we fit together - no obligation and what can it hurt, as I know even my free call will inspire you.

This package includes...

30 minute initial meet and greet connection call - via phone or Skype

4 week email program that keeps you insopired - We decide together what the plan is and set some intentions.

The bonus of my Reset Program or Self Love Program - This help you stay on track

2 x 60 Minute discussion calls - working through anything needed, two weeks after starting.

3 months minimum at $355 per month - if this is too much for you right now then I suggest a reading with me instead.