Rosina Bond Numerology

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A change of season is an ideal time to give yourself a tidy up, and I am here to help you do just that. This is a reading and mentoring session combined, with the focus being only you or you and your business. The focus is you, what is happening and the potential in your world.
This is an ideal reading for you if you are feeling tired, overwhelmed or you may have even lost your momentum, I will help you find where you left it then realign. My mission is to help you get back to your best, so you can then step up and make the most of the next quarter.

First, we have a chat for approx 20 minutes; this is your time to tell me how you are, what you are feeling, what you want and what potentially is in your way of getting it. I then do an audio reading for you explain what I see, looking for a defined approach to help you moving forward. Once you have listened to the audio, we will have a final session, Skype, messenger or phone so you can cement everything in place.

Secure your place by 31st March for $147 book or message me now as there are limited spaces.