Get Ready, Reset, Go - A Month With Rosina

Get Ready, Reset, Go - A Month With Rosina

Rosina Bond Numerology

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Let's Talk Ladies!

A month of intuition, sharing and empowerment which is all about you feeling ready, empowered and aligned with 2019. This year is all about loving you and our relationships in everyday life.

On the 1st of February, I will open my private group to help you settle into this magical year of success. This year is one not to be messed with, and I know you want to do it differently and do it right by you. In this private group, I will share with you how you can make this year a stand out year, one where happiness and purpose are the goals.

We will chat together as a group, and I will share my intuitive, numerology, magical and coaching expertise with you.

From the kickoff - I will ask you how you are feeling about the year, what your hopes and dreams are and together, we will share how you can make this one count.

Week 2 - We will talk about potential blocks and why relationships are going to be prone to challenge, looking at each numerology aspect, so you truly understand how to maximise the relationships that matter.

Week 3 - I will bring you all my tools and skills and show you how to overcome the potential issues and maximise the year, by harnessing your mindset, listening to your intuition and my favorite rituals that work.

Last week - How to love and support yourself throughout 2019 because loving yourself will open you up to attract what you want and help you manifest more.

This is a one time opportunity, only available through this private FB group.

I will share through FB live, videos and most importantly you will share and comment with me and everyone in the group - imagine the resources we will have available together, let's do this!

Are you with me?
Join me and let me inspire you and help you maximise why you are meant to succeed in 2019.
This is a women only program.

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