The Speed Network

We are about forming strong connections through building relationships for business contacts, and our event facilitates the initial connection. Providing you with the perfect opportunity to grow your brand awareness, build relationships and promote you and your business sitting across from like-minded business people. Our core networking values are fast, fun and a funky approach to allow people to connect and collaborate in business that was different from everything else.

How powerful do you think this concept could be on the local networking/business environment?

Business is in for change, and small business is the way of the future, it is essential for any business to collaborate but for small or individual business owners this is a must as it is easy to hide and then lose connection and profit. To stay connected and mindful of each other is how most powerful businesses remain fresh and profitable.

Our platform and connection concept accommodates people who want to take their business to the next level by spending a few hours to come along and chat about what solutions that can provide for their potential connections.

Come along and be apart of our local networking movement and help you establish a new business or grow an existing one; so what is stopping you?

We love to have some fun too, join us...