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Rosina I'd like to thank you so much for the advice and guidance you've given me with my business over the past year. Sometimes I wasn't quite sure where you were leading me, but I followed you completely and you were right every time. I'm so much stronger professionally and personally because of the lessons you've shown me and helped me to understand. I've been braver in business than I ever thought I was capable of and I'm really excited about my year! You're the best!! :-)

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DEBI PRATT - Tall Poppy Real Estate, Christchurch

Rosina was recommended to me as a business mentor for my new business. I was a bit skeptical about the numerology side of things in the beginning but her insights and guidance have helped me go from zero to amazing in a very short space of time. She helps to keep you grounded and on task and makes you look hard at yourself and old habits. No excuses. She's now my secret weapon!

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EMMA WILLETTS- Photographer

WOW is all I can say about Rosina! This lady is incredible, and I could go on and on all day. I had a numerology reading 1 and a half years ago, and just by giving my birth date she nailed EVERYTHING about me and what was going on in my life at the mind-blowing! This then led me to the Business mentoring programme, which was absolutely fabulous and just what I needed to shake up my act! Rosina has a beautiful, caring and motivating approach and I would recommend her to anyone! x

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When I met Rosina I knew that I wanted to give up art teaching and start working for myself. However, beyond that, I had no idea how to shape all my vague ideas into a plan or find the confidence to take that plunge.
Rosina's techniques require you to look at all aspects of what your future working life might look like; to put your dreams into words. Then you work together to make a roadmap for how to actually achieve this.

It was a leap of faith for me to invest in the process of working with a mentor especially when you are giving up the regular income. However, it was a leap that paid off in so many ways. To start with, her style of working and positive nature really helped my self-confidence to grow. The mentoring sessions helped me to set goals and gave practical steps to actually achieve them. For me, her specialist knowledge of the art world was especially invaluable.
However, I recommend Rosina to anyone needing help to reach their business potential no matter what field that might be in. Here you have someone who not only shares her knowledge but genuinely cares and backs you as you take those steps.

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