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It is time look at your negative habits and what triggers kick them off when you feel flat or challenged? Do you attack yourself, eat something, buy something, get on the phone, hide in bed or bury whatever it is and keep going? The universal energies available to you are immense, but if you don't know how to harness them, you remain locked in flux.

The reason we can't find what we're looking for is we need the know how and support. What if you had the tools to face it head on and move through it to more?

We all have our ways of coping with what's happening in our lives, some more nourishing habits than others. By creating new thoughts, pathways then using ritual to support your life is an empowering way to bring about change. It is time to build your inner strength to cope with seasonal variations, tiredness and overwhelm and I am here to show you how to heal your life again.

Connecting to your inner higher self and instincts is one of the most powerful tools you have, and it is now time to use it.
If the above resonated with you, you might like to join me and a few others on Self Love, Mentoring, and Magic beginning 1st October 2017.

During our six weeks together I'll help you understand how to remove emotional clutter, connect with your inner you and build confidence to love you again, through writing and ritual as this creative way to connect to spirit. I take you through this step by step. Each week we have a live group session, discuss that week's topic and how you can maximise the most from it.

You will receive all the correspondence through my membership program, which you get to keep it forever and use over and over.
I suggest tools and explain how you can ask the universal energies to support your life endeavors.

Once this course closes, you won't be able to join until we open another intake on February 2018.

What does this include and involve?

You build a love journal where you spend time supporting your emotional and spiritual life.
Weekly group video sessions together on Zoom where you get to share and enjoy a weekly Q & A.

It is time to find the answers and learn to love who you are.
There will be items you will need to purchase such as oils and candles but nothing too expensive, and I will always offer alternatives to fit every budget.

Week One
You are worth it!
Why it is important to support yourself emotionally, spiritually and physically. We work to remove the negative energy within you, as it is time to make peace and stop the inner battle.

Week Two
Awareness and your personal belief and how it can help you attract what you want.
This week’s focus will be on MINDSET and how to use it to your advantage. Once your creative self is allowed to shine, your instincts will be more available to you.
We also look at why you must ask for help from the universe to get what you want.

Week Three
Letter writing 101 and why this is a powerful act.
I will teach you skills and what tools to use when you're tired and feel worn down.
To relieve stress – An empowerment ritual to settle emotions.
We begin to look at how you can spiritually support you, your home and family.

Week Four
Mindfulness and how it allows access to your Power Priestess.
Your Power Priestess is within you; the trick is in knowing how to access her. Why is important to empower yourself?

Week Five
Increasing your inner fire allows you to feel calm, secure and in control. We look and how you can do this.

Week Six
Influencing Outcomes - Using the moon, mantra, and ritual to support your life. We conclude - this is always a sad day but one where I leave you in touch with you and your new spiritual you.

How will I support you
The material will be available to you through my membership site.
I will also send you weekly emails to enlighten and teach you.
Weekly video chats through Zoom which I show you how to access and it's free. Or through our closed Facebook group to share thoughts and ideas through the weeks. Plus daily inspirations placed on Facebook to keep you, going.

I would love to have you with me, if you have any further questions, please email or PM message me.

Love Rosina

Q & A

Video Calls - Every Wednesday at 7 pm NZST we have a 1-hour conference call through Zoom to discuss the topic of the week.
I teach you how to harness your natural rhythm and build energy to support your life.

Q. What is Ritual or Intuitive Practice
A. A ritual is a sequence of activities involving words and objects combined, then performed in a specific way.
What I will be sharing with you has been passed down from the women in my family for generations, then brought into the now by me to help you live with more precision and passion. These practices are designed to help you grow, manifest and love yourself more.

Q. Why use Ritual.
A These remedies and practices help women empower their lives and their families lives. None of these are negative or harmful in any way to you or anyone else.

Q. Do you need any experience in this kind of thing.
A. None whats so ever. Just an open heart and mind.
I am there to walk you through each stage, and these are simple practices, designed to help you focus your thoughts and emotions to support your outer and inner life.

Q. Are they negative or can they harm in any way?
A. NO - these practices are natural and empowering, and they are all about you and your life.

Q. If you have anything you would like further information on – please ask.

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