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It is time to live more authentically and confidently, and I would like to show you how.
I am a numerologist and mindset strategist, which means I know the intuitve aspect and science of numerology and how it can change everything as it did for me. I also work intuitively and look at what you have to open to you, your traits and how you can harness your natural rhythm for life in this space and time. I work intuitively and help you see ahead to avoid obstacles and embrace opportunities that are available.

How we work together.
First, we work on clearing your head and finding calm, then we work towards finding your strength and natural rhythm. Together we look for the practical and emotional solutions for your way ahead.

We look at your now story and the one you desire to create for the future. Then we focus on the resistance and create new pathways, that allow you to accomplish the change you want.

It is all about happiness, that is the key to life. The energy behind happiness helps you create, it opens doors and increases your physical energy. Simply put – you feel better, clearer and ready to step into life.

How it works
You and I work privately together.

You can have a one off session for 2 hours and head from there. The cost for this is $220 plus you will recieve your numerology aspect plus my reset email program for free. If you decide to take it further, I can then design a package to suit your needs, objectives and budget.

I help you clear the clutter. At times - There is some energy work to do to help clear old and unwanted energies that have held you back - this work is tailor made for you and your situation.

Are you ready to feel more spirited, to be the gutsy luminary who desires more passion and certainty? I will teach you techniques to help support your emotional self, live with more awareness using your instincts and help you find the joy you deserve.

It is time to live feeling more secure within yourself and your relationships.

I’m committed to helping you create MOMENTUM so that you can find your joy as life’s more fun that way.

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