My mentoring packages are simple.

We work together for a minimum time of three months, the time frame is important, as any less isn't long enough to make the changes stick and you want them to.

We have two one and a half hour sessions per month, you can come and meet with me in person or we can Skype. I work with lots of people from all over.

I keep you on track with weekly emails and when you need it, we talk in between because in my experience the more support you have the more you clear, reset and achieve.

The cost is $375.00 per month.

I only take on people I know I can help so, get in touch and let's chat and see if we are right for each other. There is no charge or obligation for a chat and even a chat I am sure you will get some good tips out of.

After three months, I do have a maintenance package but more about that when we do our three month review.

Thanks Rosina