Learn Numerology with Rosina

Learn Numerology - 9 Week Course 30th June 2017

Are you ready to understand your lessons and the lessons of those closest to you?

Then together let's take a dance with the numbers, and I will introduce you to each one's personality, skills, responses, traits and reactions and I am sure you will fall in love with them as I have.

Numerology has become my life, twenty-one years ago (almost to the day) it opened the door to what has become my now mentoring practice, and all inspiring life with the numbers. The numbers continue to show me how powerful they truly are and what an incredible life resource they are and I can't wait to show you too.

The numbers are full of personality, and every number offers a teaching funnel that can help you understand why people respond and communicate the way they do, as each number has a unique life print, individual to each number. The numbers can also help you with your personal, relationships, love, family and business life and they are one of the best planning tools you can imagine.

This number science opens a void and fills it with love and light into how the spiritual world runs. Not only does it show emotional insight into family, friends and work colleagues, but it can also show why some relationships are so painful. Once you become intimately aware of what the numbers mean emotionally and practically, you will then understand your daily, life and your relationships lessons.

The skies the limit with this number science.
This course is a fundamental introduction to each personality of the numbers. This will help you understand your, lessons, traits and also those closest to you. I teach numerology from an emotional perspective as it is one of the most powerful ways of combining intuition and n together. Numerology is one of these best intuitive tools you could learn for personal understanding of others at home and work, and you will see how to harmonise with others quickly.

Learn why you chose the Birthday you did and more importantly what messages you need to hear for your destiny.

Join me on my journey as a teacher and become intimately aware of who you are.

I have designed this course to give you the most amount of information in the easiest way possible through my private member platform with written notes, recordings and also a private Facebook group, where we will have three live sessions during this nine-week course.

This course could be the doorway to building a business of your own, from here you can learn advanced relationship and spiritual Numerology with me and consider becoming a reader and building a business of your own through my Numerology Academy.

This Course

You will receive nine lessons in bite-sized emails audios containing all the information you need to learn an introduction to this ancient craft. You can sit with a coffee and digest this information and best of all you can go over and over it, to allow this to settle and align with your intuition at your own pace because you get to keep all the information.

It is written for today's busy life from an emotional perspective explaining how each number aspect works, their traits, reactions, lessons, responses and spiritual rights with a few added bonuses like where numerology originated from, master numbers and the astrology connections.

We Begin with
Where did numerology originate?
A bit about me!
What this course will cover, what you will receive and how to use this information to your advantage
How to work out the numbers and what each part means and importance.

I teach numerology from an emotional perspective… why?
Because we are emotional beings and understanding the emotions of people really helps people live a happier life.

I explain - The meaning of some of the language I use, what it means and how to use it.

Lesson One
Who is the no 1?
Those born on the 1st 10th 19th and 28th
Audio and written

Plus our first FB live session.

Lesson Two
Who are you 2? Life path or soul number meaningThose born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th
Audio and written.

Lesson Three
Who are you 3?
Those born on the 3rd 12th 21st and 30th
Audio and written.

Lesson Four
Who are you 4
Those born on the 4th 13th and 22nd
Audio and written.

Lesson Five
Inspirational email
Master numbers meaning
Who are you 5?
Those born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd
Audio and written.

Lesson Six
Who are you 6?
Those born on the 6th, 15th, and 24th
Audio and worksheet

Our second FB live session

Lesson Seven
Who are you 7?
Plus Year born meaning - Karma
Those born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th
Audio and written.

Lesson Eight
Who are you 8?
Those born on the 8th 17th and 26th
Audio and written.

Lesson Nine - we conclude with
Who are you 9?
Those born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th
Audio and written.

Plus our final questions and answer FB live session.