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Once we kick off working together, I build a picture to help you move forward. I use my Numerology knowledge and my intuitive abilities to read for you in a variety of detailed, practical and amazingly accurate ways. I build a strategic plan for what's important to help you create more.

How does knowing the energy of your business name help you?
It shows the frequency of energy you have available to you including your genetically and energetically inherited abilities in our names. Your company name shows what is ahead for your financially, possible workflow, including hindrances and opportunities. I look to find the ways to best suit your needs to build and live a more abundant life.

I feel that readings and mentoring need to be practical as well as spiritual and of course inspiring. When you know and understand how you can support yourself in business to do better, then everything feels right with the world. Readings are an alternate view to what lies ahead and must be insightful.

I specialise in numerology for business and personal change, to increase synergy and improve the quality of life. To help you find your purpose, clarity and manifest your desires and dreams with greater ease.

It is time to get fired up and really clear about where to from here.
Today is a new day, and it’s time for a fresh start with the right support you will get the clarity you need to feel more confident. With the right attitude and armed with a clear plan you can again love what you do.

Conscious business aligning is all about the process of cleaning out the mental clutter and aligning with your purpose. Rediscovering what you have to work with, and reconnecting with your business purpose – your BIG WHY.

I specialise in helping people in small business to realign with their purpose, to live and work a smart, intelligent and conscious business that they are proud of.

COME AND HAVE A FREE 20 minute Skype or phone chat with me. You can tell me what is limiting you and your business and hear how I work and what I offer. There is no obligation, and even this small session will give your mindset a boost.

I will build a package to suit your needs, desires, and budget.

My mentoring also includes my 100 Day Reset Program, email or phone support and my private membership program.

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