June is one of the turning points of the year - let me help you prepare.

How To Maximise Your Business For The Remainder of 2018.

How To Maximise Your Business

For The Remainder Your Business 2018 

Key Points For Success

Communication is very important and we are all required to share more information about what we do before potentials jump in and commit.

Do you know it takes three to six times for someone to see you or hear your name before it sticks? this means you must be clear to be effective. Get clear, communicate positively, showcase your shiny and make an impression and the work and money will flow. Don't leave it to chance, be real and do the work.

To finish this year abundantly, you will need to continue connecting to others meaning any networking or promotions are worth the effort as they will help you keep your business fluid and profitable. New connections are not only a great way to inspire your soul, they can turn quite times into inspiring new business, fabulous collaboration and new friendships - it's a no-brainer, so get out there and meet others. Connecting and showcasing you and your passion can pay off serious dividends. Don't hide, sit back and wait, jump in an make it happen!

Relationships will remain to be sensitive - How you respond to all of your relationships will matter as the cause and effect will be much stronger. Be mindful of how you talk to family, work colleagues and business connections. When challenges arise, your responses need to be thoughtful, as reactions could cause more drama or pain than expected. Through winter this aspect will have been stronger meaning you may find family members, work colleagues or friends seem or feel more stressed than usual; especially through the period of July and August. You can help and support them but remember you can't fix them.

Communication is always important.
Lack of clear communication may cause delays and may have a much strong effect than you think. Good communication will also have good impact and increase rewards and income.

When you stop, look and listen to those around you, your instincts are working at their best, meaning the outcomes will have more impact and the results will speak for themselves. This instinctive aspect means you will be able to read people much easier.

Increasing Business and Attraction.
I know income, energy, and attraction works in triangles, (three-month increments), October through to November offers an immense amount of financial opportunity and only you can continue to drive this, get ready in September, have a plan and make it count. If your work starts to drop off then you may have been hiding earlier and need to make more of an effort now, come out into the daylight, share and shine and have some fun doing what you love.

Anyone in business that hides will find in three months time, they see and feel the cause and effect from the lack of earlier efforts - as work slows and income shrinks. YOU MUST keep connecting and collaborating.

We continue to feel the sensitivity around legal issues as throughout 2018, so you must be thoughtful. You can avoid these by following the legal codes of contracts and agreements, so make sure you are clear on your obligations. Reactions can intensify providing opportunities for others to take advantage, make sure you think before you speak or react. Take a softer and slower approach, sleep on it if you can and get any professional advice that you need - IMPORTANT if you don't know the answer, go and find it.

Details are important, make sure you are sending out clear messages about who you are, what you offer and what you need from them. I recommend that you record your communication (emails) particularly after meetings, send minutes to avoid any potential misunderstandings. It is important to be clear.

Be thoughtful where you put your energy.
Remember - The right people will be or placed on your path when you need them. This is an underlying influence that is quite powerful and supportive, keep looking for these opportunities as they can be easily missed.

Remember you do have the strength to say no and sometimes it is essential. Feeling obligated to someone is not something you need to do or overthink. Learning to say no is important and essential to look after you and your health.

You may also find people come out of the woodwork, people who you haven’t seen in a very long time or old clients that you did previous work for, use your database to help you re-connect and increase your work as old connections are worth a lot.

It will be very easy to undersell yourself and lose confidence, remember to charge what you’re worth but also align with the market. The more you believe in yourself the better the results and of course, it will increase your self-worth. Remember what you promote, you must deliver. In order to succeed, you must first believe. Beleive in yourself, back yourself, love yourself and learn to say no when you need to.

Health and Wellbeing
Only you can decide how healthy you’ll be as you finish 2018. It is a decision I believe you needed to make early on in the year, however, it is never too late. How much commitment, time, money and energy will you give to your health? The sensitivity aspect of the year means that there is a greater chance of sensitivity to food, overindulging, alcohol, and drugs. awareness is the key to keeping yourself balanced, especially if you have a tendency to overindulge.

Balance is needed - There will also be more opportunities to indulge, as the social influence increases as we move towards 2019, meaning people will want to socialize and connect. I recommend that you enjoy this but have boundaries as to many outing may affect your output.

Awareness is the key. You do not need to overthink this; we all know what we need to do and what we shouldn’t do. The sensitivity aspect makes it much easier to indulge but also it makes your body more sensitive to what you are putting into your body (pills, food, vitamins, etc.) if you are on medications, make sure that these are working for you. Do not leave it to chance, ask for the help that you need. This is very important. Get professional advice where you need it. If your instincts are telling you something, listen to them. Don’t let them smack you down with a wake-up call, listen to the signs and avoid bigger pitfalls.

Looking after yourself and making sure your thought process is backing you. The more supportive your mindset is the better the outcomes will be. Don’t spend time with people who drain you, I suggest you take a step back and leave. Spend time with people that reinforce your greatness.

When you do hit challenging times, you need to use the techniques and resources available to you to help you. Talk to someone or join meditation, yoga, do something online. I walk around reciting affirmations/mantras as this increases my fire energy and the desire to deliver well.

Finally, this is one of the most powerful money years we have available to us, if you are struggling in any way, you need to get things in order and reset as the block may be with you. When you are out of balance your money flows can become blocked, I would love to help you out of this, get in touch.

Come and have a free chat with me and let's discuss together what may benefit you. email me at rosinabond@icloud.com

Enjoy the remainder of 2018.