People come and see me when they feel stressed or feel overwhelmed with life/business. I help them clear their minds and calm their emotions, so together we can build a strategy to help them make decisions and feel better. They share what is concerting them and I support them to gain clarity about how they can move forward to make changes and get their business humming. Using Numerology, I also read ahead which helps them navigate life and business more easily. 

Numerology is a powerful tool for me as every aspect of your life and work has  patterns, which I then use and pulse to see how much positive flow is in each area. Your company name is how your customers perceive you, your limited or bank account name, shows your money flow and your birthdate brings all the links together and I look at everything because I can gather the most amazing information from all of these sources. and I have worked helping many in NZ, Australia and many other parts of the globe. Take a look at my testimonials.

Moslty through referral is how we meet, I always do an overview on them and their company as this gives me insight on how to move forward.  

My Experience

I have been working as a mentor for 7 years and have seen or worked with thousands of people and I love it. 
I have run many companies including a company of 50 staff and now working as a solo entrepreneur, I know what you have to worry about and how hard it is to maintain your motivation and do everything else, COVID makes this even more difficult.

Confidence is key to the  and backing yourself will be what will make the difference between sinking or swimming. Making decisions with calm clarity will mean profit through safety. Get ready for stiff competition the money will flow and those with hunger and clarity will get it. Don’t let competition side swipe you, don't let it take your focus, instead see it as a time to shine, hone your skills and be super clear on what your new objectives must be and deliver on that. We will work on this together!
I believe we need to take stepping back into the world very slowly and here is why. Right now many are feeling rested and happy with the time out as it has given them a forced holiday. Most of you that I work with, feel optimistic about the future, which is grand. BUT May is still tricky and you must take it slowly and keep safe as we are not out of the woods yet. Don’t drop your guard!
This is not over and we will see more breakouts and regional shutdowns.
In June we will take one of the biggest energy drops we will see all year and with this, many will feel down - it will be very hard. We will be navigating our way through this.

Clarity is the key to your future.

Taking the appropriate action is the difference between success and hardship.

Lets have a free chat first about my business strategy report can help you.