Soul Art

I adore art and over the years I have built a wonderful collection and recently I was considering how art heals the soul and I felt very excited about the possibilities before me.

My husband Andrew Bond is an artist and has been for nearly 20 years, together we have created these works, the paintings with a spiritual undertone and the boots for fun. The boots are a limited edition and what is currently allowing him to complete a Fine Art degree at Canterbury University.

The work on canvas

We have created this art to harmonise your home and life. Each work contains obscured symbols that support the set intentions. The intentions are focused on empowerment, healing and nurture designed to increase your spiritual wealth.

The name of each piece has a spiritual meaning, focused on empowerment, healing and attraction. If you like one of our pieces or have something in mind, then come and have a chat.  Please feel free to get in touch and create one of your own with Andrew and myself.

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