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As women, our inner world is as big as our outer world and this inner world is full of potential and power. Most of this is untapped, due to not knowing how to harness what is available as this information is usually passed down from one woman to another.

Within us, we have the ability to create what we need and desire in our lives and our inner world is the key. Our connection to universal spirit is there to guide and support the process, and I was shown how to harness these energies from the women in my life, they showed me how powerful my connection to the universal energies are and more importantly, how to harness them.

When I face challenges in my life the first place I go is to spirit as this is where I find the most help. I use special techniques and practical everyday things to support the changes I want and how to support the outcome. This makes all the difference to me and those I love. I am ready to take your through the same process to teach you how to re-connect with the power with you.

Right now how do you feel about your ability to create?
Would you like to harness your inner power?

I now know how to love and support myself and now I spend my life helping others how to clear and create more in theirs. My inner world is as big as my outer world but the one difference is, mine helps me create and live in an empowered way.

I keep being told… I am now the teacher and it is my turn to show others how to live in this magical way and my tried and tested self-love mentoring program where I work with you one on one.
This program is all about you relearning the skills and practices of self-love and empowerment. I will show you how to back and support yourself by creating new habits and performing small rituals to harness what is rightfully yours already.

Women are meant to meet together and share because it is how you find what you need, so together we will talk, share and help you find the understanding you need to let the clutter go and build more.

I will share my world with you and show you how to love yourself and create magic in your life. It is time to live feeling calmer and more empowered.

This is a 6-week personal program, working one on one.
We will talk every two weeks for 60 to 90 minutes
The first session is our big one, where we talk and uncover what is feeling wrong and work together on how to clear it.

I send you weekly emails, helping you understand how to look after and love you, clear and connect to the universal energies that feed you signs every day. Ritual creates magic as it helps you hone your energy. This helps you increase confidence, remove negative clutter and build stronger outcomes, I show you how to harness some of the energies available to you, ones that empower your life.

You can message me through messenger or text to keep things moving.

Week three
We have our second chat where we look to start building strength. We continue with the email program and messaging all the way through.

Week five
We have our final chat, where we focus on setting you up to continue supporting yourself through to week six where we sign off if you're up to it if your not we talk options as I won't leave you until your feeling strong.

It is time to dedicate six weeks of your life to healing, forgiving, empowering and loving you, are you ready to work with me one on one?

Come and have a free chat to make sure we are suited and that you are finally ready to put yourself first.

The cost $87 weekly or $495 up front cost.

We begin between 1st - 7th March - very limited space so make sure you come and chat soon.

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Love Rosina

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