Just for You Reading 2019

Just for You Reading 2019

Rosina Bond Readings

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We all need guidance, we all need support - let me show you what is available to you and how you can use it to your advantage by giving the clarity you need. With this insight, this is your chance to re-set the stage, to align your confidence with your desires and make it happen.

The Reading Contains

Your 2019 Lesson - each year your numerology code changes and delivers new things to master, let me show you what these are and how you can align and use them to your advantage because this is the year of success!

  • Career/work - I will look at your work and see what changes are close or how you can make the changes you want, there is no need to repeat the past.
  • Love - How to maximise your current love life or find a new one.
  • Money - 2019 is the year of success - I will explain how you can use it to your advantage.
  • Once you book, I will email you a questionnaire and confirm your date of delivery.

When my mother taught me the art of reading, I was shown how to connect to another and read the essence of them, to bring through the information that they need to hear, to help them live a more empowered life.

This is one of my most popular readings, as it brings clarity and understanding to you often when you need it most. All I need are your names, and birthdates, if you don't have the other birthdate, the name will do.

How This Works

Once you have booked your reading, I will send you a questionnaire which will help me give you the best information with what is on your mind the most.

  • You will receive two audios or one audio and a 30 minute phone or FaceTime chat. Phone calls are only available in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and some parts of the USA.

Once you have finished listening to your initial audio you can email me questions which I will reply by audio or we can have a phone call together. This helps you secure the clarity that you need.

You will also receive my ebook - Reset With Power 2019 worth $21.00

First, you will receive your audio; then we will book a follow-up time for your Q&A. The Q&A brings you the confirmation you need to move forward with confidence.

This is an audio reading approx. time is approx. Thirty minutes each way. Once you are done, you can ask me questions. I give you an immense amount of information in this short time. You can listen to it on your phone, tablet or computer.

After your book - I will be in touch within 24 hours - I am fast unless I am asleep.

I will advise you when I can have this back to you and also get your personal details that I need. I can't wait to meet you thanks, Rosina.