Readings and Consultations

My readings and mentoring are a magic mix - I use numerology as a connection to you with clairvoyance, life knowledge and a dash of heritage to bring you the best insight possible. What do I cover in a reading for you?
Rosina uses her Numerology knowledge and intuitive abilities to read for you in a variety of detailed, practical and amazingly accurate ways.
Channeling ... the 'bigger picture' and what's important right now.

When Rosina reads for you, your whole reading appears to her as a stream of energy in the form of images, emotions, and insights all specifically related to you at the time of your reading.
In the first part of your reading, Rosina focuses specifically on accurately interpreting this stream of energy for and about you ... then she moves on to reading the energy of your names, dates and energy bodies and most importantly your emotional energy. 

Rosina reads ...
The energy of your all your names
The directional energy of the dates of your reading ... plus ...

How does knowing the energy of your names help you?
The frequency of sound vibrating and the energy of our true self, including our genetically and energetically inherited abilities, manifests in our names.
In western culture, our first name (or Christian name) is the name we most commonly have repeated or used out loud, so it's the one whose values most predominate in our life. When this name is diminished or made shorter, it could reduce the value of your name, and it impacts in your life
The value and contribution of our middle name(s), those between the first and last names, are like the central pole in a large tent – they energetically support us or 'hold us up' and often hold hidden assets and qualities which can contribute to happiness and success in our lives.

The surname or last name in our culture has genetic and inherited influences contained in it, thus adding those qualities or properties to our life. Here we see the contribution of inherited ethics and beliefs and how to use them successfully.
Every Number has information for you
Yolanda reads the number of the day, month and year of your reading ... the energy in these numbers shows you how to best move forward more easily in your life.

A reading is an explanation from the soul, meant to guide and empower you and help you understand your purpose and how to use what is available to you now. When you know what is limiting you from getting more out of life, you can release it and move on.

I feel that readings need to be practical as well as spiritual and inspiring. When you know and understand how you can support yourself to do better, then everything feels right with the world. Readings are an alternate view to what lies ahead and must be insightful.

I specialise in numerology for business and personal change, to increase synergy and improve the quality of life. To help you find your purpose, clarity and manifest your desires and dreams with greater ease.

Your date of birth is your blueprint to life and how you find and understand your purpose, why you are here and experience the lessons you chose.

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