Business Numerology

Business Numerology

Rosina Bond Insight

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This is a written chart individually done for you and all about you and your business.

I use your company name and legal name to determine what you have working for you and against you.

I use your birthdate to determine your emotional state, what potential blocks you may be creating and the best way to free yourself from anything holding you back.

The Trading Name -

This is what you represent to the world and what you use to promote your business. I look at the health perception and what is potentially working against your business and what could open more doors and bring new business.
I look for new business potentials ie contracts, sales and connections.

Your Legal Name -

This shows you what the financial health of your company is right now
I then look at what could potentially help or hinder your wealth for the foreseeable future. The objective is to help you improve your money health.
Staff or Partners - there is an extra cost for these which we can discuss before you confirm. This is a channeled product and not from a pre-written program.

What I need 
I need names and DOB
We discuss these in our consultation.

The Process

Initially we have a discussion by phone or skype
I gather all the information I need then you make your payment.
I will email you the written chart
Then we have a 60 minute Q&A session to wrap anything up, through Skype or Facetime. During our session I will make any recommendations that I feel will support your success during this session. 

This process is private and confidential and nothing is discussed with anyone else.