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Are you looking for new and profitable directions in which to take your business or career?Are you feeling focused, confident, decisive and happy or is your work over taking your life? 

Are you looking to sell or expand your business, make more money, or are you looking for new and profitable directions in which to take your business or career?

I specialize in small business and as a Numerologist and business consultant or 'reader', I work closely with clients who face both challenges and opportunities, and use my intuition to help them successfully navigate their choices. 
I can help you and your company achieve success by enabling you to…
Make decisions with confidence
Achieve your goals more quickly
Gain insight into what motivates people
Act with better timing
A business intuitive session with me can provide…
Clarity about your vision, plans and next steps
Insight about partnerships, peers, employees or potential hires and an intuitive sounding board.

If we decide to work together . . .
My purpose is to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently. I don’t want or require detailed information about the issues. I work much more effectively when you have a clear idea about the outcome you want to create for yourself and/or your company. It’s to your advantage to have a list of questions or issues that you want me to address.
I usually work with the key executives in an organization. My consulting frequently produces quick results as I can get to the heart of an issue without a lot of research. I have the ability to describe the psychological make-up of people — a skill that will assist you in making hiring decisions and improving team communication and effectiveness.
Many clients prefer to start with a two hour consultation for $240
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