Your Numerology Forecast for October 2017 by Rosina Bond

How are you and how did you find September?
It was the pinnacle point of the year and for some, a hard one as the rose colored glasses came off and some harsh realities were faced but were they actually real or did you read more into than was there? If you were hard on you, then you may have gone too far and you need to come back to center as often what looks like reality is not, it is merely fear. 
You need to look for and find the balance as the anything off centre will lock you up to feel bad and may create blocks, when there is no need to.
Let me help!

There are always doorways of opportunity and October offers a view into 2018 and wow this is useful. Take a listen to my video, all about what you can expect and how you maximise your connections and especially through work and love.
Instead of long emails from now on, you will receive a link to my latest video, you get this first! plus any special offers I have, as these will not be advertised any where else.
The videos is only 10 minutes long and full of insight and punch to help you navigate life through numerology and what the universal intelligence has to offer for the month of October. I want to help you find more joy and passion in your life.
I hope you enjoy the new format and please feel free to share and email me questions or comments.
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