Soul Mates Explained Through Numerology

Relationship lessons can bring the hardest lessons and deliver the deepest hurts of all.

Whatever you call them I believe before you even arrived in this world, you chose the lessons and connections you wanted to reunite and learn with. How these play out depends on you and them, as everyone has free will and the ability to decide how to respond. But some of these relationships deliver a lot more impact and hurt than others, and can make everyone question.

I know that soul connections can help you enjoy life to live and feel at your best and at times, your worst. Love relationships are what can take you to the heights of heaven or the lows of hell and leave intense imprints on your soul to live with forever.

Now and then the pain buttons get pushed, and these memories rise to the surface. Something or someone pushes the wrong button, and again they re-emerge to remind you of the pain experienced and sometimes they can hold you hostage from truly loving again.

My mother and I had many discussions about soul connections as she had many relationships but only one true love and the one she loved the most, she felt was not her soul mate. My mother and father had a beautiful relationship, 25 years, in fact, their love was strong and their connection potent, but she never felt they were soul mates because the lessons between them were more about their family than them.

After he died, we were talking, and she told me “he was the absolute love of my life but not my soul mate.” I was confused as I always thought these were one in the same. She believed a soul mate was not always a harmonious relationship, and sometimes you come together for the children you have together.

She told me "in my work" I saw how love connections could be torturous and soul connections change our lives forever and that the line between love and hate is a fine one.
The connections that inspire the most passion, joy, challenges, and lessons are the soul connections that change our lives forever, and in her work as a reader, she had seen and heard it all.
These strongest links can be bewitching and sometimes impossible to break and hurt to the core. Some people never move past them and hold the pain in the body for ever.

Now that I have seen many people and done many readings like my mother, and worked with numerology, I do believe this to be true. I have heard many stories from people who have experienced these types of relationships and most often these relationships were bewitching and turbulent and left them feeling devastated, usually through divorce or death.

Friendships and connection can be the same, this type of hurt can also come through the family as the soul requires a continuation in some way.

Your birthdate is the blueprint of these connections and lessons.
These experiences and relationships are not always easy to endure, but you can live a full life by understanding why and numerology can help you find the answers.

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