Your breathing is an intuitive sign!

Have you noticed how much you have held your breath this year?
For many the 2017 energy hasn’t always flowed which has induced fear, because you’re missing the signs. Your breathing is an amazing indicator of what is going on in and around your life. Simply by checking in, this gives you an immense amount of insight of where changes need to be made or what you must follow to achieve.
Your body is an amazing machine, always sensitive to the environment; you’re spiritual, mental and emotional state often give you advanced warnings of things to come but sadly many are so often missed.
Try this - Take a few minutes each morning before you get out of bed and check in with your body, to read the day ahead.Look for signs of nervousness or excitement and then stay aware all day for the signs and outcomes for what you were being shown.
We are intuitive, our body sensors are intuitive and when you begin to listen to them, you will see all kinds of signs for opportunities and warnings, to help you navigate life more freely and powerfully.
In a few days we are about to start the transition into 2018 but many are feeling it early and this transition take four months to set into place. This period can increase sensitivity, which will affect your breathing. You can release any fear or nervousness by stopping at anytime throughout the day and taking a few moments to centre yourself and ground yourself. By reminding yourself that you are safe and in charge, Then go about your day.
You can also asks for signs of confirmation, we see them all the time such as 11.11 and this is a sign of hope and opportunity with a hidden element that will be revealed in good time. What signs are you being given daily that you are missing? Check in with your breath and see if your body is trying to tell you something.
Enjoy your day!
Love Rosina

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