August, are you ready to wake up and get what you want?

I hope this finds you well and ready for another week. Sorry for my email absence, I took on an exciting project with a company, which concluded well and now I am ready for everything.

I still see the shiny opportunities of this one vibration and I want to remind you that you have five months to maximise this. The one asked for you to set the new and build wealth and live abundantly. How are you doing so far?

June and July took many through personal emotional times and the reason this felt so intense was the new energy allows no room for the old. If you are still living the old, you will feel uncomfortable. If you have felt strangled in anyway then you may have a block or something old that you must release, let it go already! 

Business winter in New Zealand is often a time of extremes, as some head into the darkness taking the time to heal and reflect, others head off on holidays looking for the missing sun, leaving gaps in your team or with work flow while others that stay can hook into the winter blues. It can be an extreme time.

 We now kick off August with a taste a spring and what is to come and what you will see is people, emerging into the light – you might be one of them, how exciting to get your rhythm flowing again.

We continue to hear about the fight in the USA and how many are unsettled in Europe but in reality when have we not, so business as usual. NZ heads into elections, which increase uncertainty when in reality these to shall pass.

Its time to get clear and build a grand finish, I ask that you make a decision and decide what that will be. Reset the tone and make it one of your best finishes to date. No matter what is going on you have the ability to bring the focus and drive back to you and yours and make the next five months great.

Its time to get out and make awesome happen!

When your mind is a sleep or in a rut, then you miss the signposts. What signposts have you let pass you by lately? Stop and take a look around you, as universal intelligence is always there to support you but you do need to look and ask.

This week pick one thing that you will dedicate to your working week, one thing that will increase abundance in your working life and get your energy into alignment and make it count.

Manifesting is an energetic process. Manifesting all comes down to focusing your ability. The more focused the energy is, the more powerful it is. Use this to your advantage and set this week up to support you and your needs and desires.

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

What you focus on expands.

Have a great week. Rosina

Ps. If you would like to have a session to reset, then give me a call!

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