Welcome to my place.

Hi I am Rosina Bond and this is a place where you can explore ideas, expand your spiritual wealth, get a reading, heal your life and step into your success. 

I offer you an opportunity to reset your life through my readings or online programs.

It is time to clear the past, and re-align with your new purpose.

It is time to find your happiness and decide what you want.

There is a way to bring your full self into alignment

Most of us have been taught to use our will power to push through the reisitance to overcome the weaker parts of ourselves, but there is another way to get results and live a happier life.

When you become aligned and clear about what you want, you heal the past and release the fear.

It is your birthright as a human to fulfill your purpose. 

It is time to pay attention to your life, live consciously, with inner awareness.

Let me show you how to be the powerful creator that you are. 

100 Day Reset Program 2018 - IS OPEN

100 days allows you to focus, build and achieve, as it is a perfect amount of time to bring all your inner, spiritual and outer abilities together for a success summit.

Mindset is the key as everything, success or failure, begins with a thought.

Join me and discover how to get what you want for only $1 per day.

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What my clients say

A session with Rosina is a MUST for any woman who wants to feel whole again. For so long I have my given all to my family, thinking that was what made a great woman. Boy was I wrong. It is draining! And I wouldn't wish that life for my daughters. Rosina showed me how to love me, how to begin to trust me again, and to be kind to myself. Because until I learn to love myself, how can I expect to teach my children to love themselves? Go on, do it!!!! You deserve it. 

Sari Rae

Why do people seek me out?

As a spiritual reader and mentor, I see an alternate view for you because I read energy and look for potential and options forward. I see what you cannot because your too close, fearful or blocked.

My mission is to empower your mind, calm your emotions and help you reconnect back to your strength.

It is time to find your Big Why

I will help you find your strength, gain clarity and teach you skills to enhance your inner strength and heal your life. It is time to find your big why. 

What feels uncomfortable right now that you can't shake?

Are you ready to discover what is available to you that you can't see?

Let's figure it out together!

Business Reset 2018

Close the door on 2017 with gratitude and satisfaction, by reducing fear and overwhelm.

Learn how to close the year off emotionally and spiritually, helping you avoid future blocks.

Power down the year without crashing and burning and enjoy the rest that you really deserve, without holding yourself hostage to your fears of the past or future.

Join me on my program dedicated to helping you succeed in business.

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I use intuition, numerology and ritual to help you understand what you have available.

It is time to align your mind, heart and fire enery together for a success summit. 

Private or Skype Consultations with Rosina

Our true self, our soul doesn't struggle and push, it creates with effortless ease.

You have a choice how you use your most powerful resources, your attention and intention. Let me show you how to become more aligned to your desires.

PS. Don't let all the flowers fool you, I am strong, clear and decisive. I read for, help and mentor both men and women. 

Let me show you what is ahead for you and those you love.

More About Rosina


When I found myself knowing it was time to get a new direction and purpose in my life and wondering where do I start and Rosina Bond popped up. For me it was a true a leap of faith to trust in her process and work along side Rosina. Undoubtedly an incredible experience guiding me to my new direction of starting my own business, More Of You.

It has had a profound effect on my personal life  as I now feel calmer, happier and more content and able to make decisions that were once more challenging than they needed to be. 
Rosina will help you understand and embrace the true concept of letting go then guide, challenge and supported you. This will inspire you to reach more to achieve your dream, which turns into a plan. From there I found what I needed and wanted to work towards.
Believe me, you can go as far as you desire with Rosina's mentoring you to greatness. 


Bronwyn began with the 100 Day Reset 2017 and soon discovered more of me.

Bronwyn Sheehan

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