Rosina Bond Numerology

A place for clarity and insight and support.

Life is magical but sometimes we forget what that power is.

Welcome to where you can find answers and support you may feel are missing.
I am a Numerologist and Mindset Strategist with a point of difference; I grew up learning all about intuition from my mother who was a professional medium and she taught me how powerful these resources truly are and I would love to show you why.

Learn Numerology with Me - Starting 30 June.

The numbers are full of personality, and every number offers a teaching funnel that can help you understand why people respond and communicate and react the way they do.

Each number has a unique blue print for life and each numbers has specific soul and life lessons.

The numbers can help you understand your personal, relationships, love, family and business life and they are one of the best planning tools you can use.

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Stop, Review and Reset

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Consultations with Rosina

I use Numerology and divine intuition to help solve your current issues, relationship, and deeper, spiritual concerns.

My consultations tend to focus on giving you several distinct options and helping you open your heart and mind to choose what’s right for you and your way ahead.

You will have more clarity about your situation, and a strong sense of your next steps to achieve your desires outcome. 

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Rosina made me aware of not only my own limiting beliefs but provided me with the tools to break through them and continue to excel in my business and personal life. I went from earning $26,000 in my first year in business to $150,000 this year and still growing.

Leon Forde

I was feeling lost and had no idea how to make the steps to change or even what I wanted. Rosina mentored me and really helped me understand what I was giving away and why I felt so despondent all the time.

Rona Andrews

I don’t question myself and know I now have choice, my confidence is much stronger and I am more satisfied. I feel more secure in my decision-making and myself belief is the best it’s been which has allowed me to meet new people.

Melanie Mathews

I don’t question myself and know I now have choice, my confidence is much stronger and I am more satisfied. I feel more secure in my decision-making and myself belief is the best it’s been which has allowed me to meet so many new people.

Author's name

Why do people seek me out?

I see an alternate view and my mission is to inspire and empower. 

You maybe going through change that has been forced on you and need to know why and decide the best approach.

You are tired of repeating the same old things and feel unsure how to get past the block.

You have lost your luster for business and life and need a strategy plan and new skills on how to get your energy and business back on track.

Curiosity or the desire to see what is in front you, what you have to work with or what could work against you.

Numerology is your map to reading the future and the past and what can help you find your purpose and passion. 

You are struggling with your family or relationship and need to see what your options are.

June 2017

Money is the discussion for June as the universal energies support you to increase your abundance.
There are number aspects that endure more discomfort when it comes to money and this month on FB I will share what these are and how you can support your money life for the remainder of 2017.

June is the time to get your financial life in order, to have a plan and think big about what you want from the money side of life.
Money is energy, and if you fight it then you limit the balance of what is on offer - let me show you how to harness this and bring back the balance needed.

Join me on Sunday at 4 pm NZST for the month of June and learn how you can maximise your desires.

Your dreams are important.
Your desires are essential.
Stop living life like they don't matter, and your not worthy enough. It is time for a change, to think outside the box and look for the doorways and possibilities open to you, let me show you how.

Every time you listen to your instincts and make a decision that supports your desires, you affirm your worth and others see this, you instantly become more magnetic.

Each time you put your hopes back on the shelf, it's like saying "It doesn't really matter." Or "I don't really matter.” Come on - are you sick of the same old ***

Lets change it together!