Rosina Bond Numerology

Life is magical but sometimes we let go of our inner power.

Welcome to where you can find the support you may feel your missing. I am a Numerologist and Mindset Strategist with a point of difference I grew up learning all about magic and ritual.

I am here to show you how to gain the clarity and confidence you need to get moving and achieving.

Most of the people I meet know what they don't want but figuring out how to change or what to do can be harder.

Happiness is the goal - When was the last time you felt satisfied?

I work with individuals and business owners from all over the world to show them how to harness what is possible.

Numerology is your map to reading what you set up, your purpose for life and the right mindset are you tools for change.

I will show you how to harness the practical and emotional power you have within. Lets do this, together.

What Do Vagueness & Avoidance Look Like?

Do you ask for what you want?

Do you know what you want?

It is time to get clear!

Join me for Mentoring & Magic.

Join Me

Join me for a unique experience

If the above resonated with you, you might like to join me for private mentoring. Together we will work to help you clear emotional clutter and connect to your inner you. It is time to build confidnece to love you again.

When you feel something is missing it's easy to stay stuck and continue looking for what is wrong. We tend to do more to avoid pain than we do to experience pleasure. And while that practice, whether it's something physical or a spontaneous buy, generally takes our focus and keeps us in a state of flux.

The reason we can't find what we're looking for is we are usually avoiding something bigger and figuring out how to move past this is hard. What if you had the tools to face it head on and move through it and move on?

Connecting to your inner self, higher self and instincts is one of the most powerful tools you have, and I ask that you join me to learn how to do this through small weekly rituals to LOVING and re-empowering you.

Are You Ready

To love and support yourself.

To trust you and let go of what is limiting you.

To build more confidence and create magic?

Then Join Me on a pursuit of self love

Why people seek me out

They are going through a challenge or change that has been forced on them and need assistance to understand it and decide the best approach.

Their mind is working overtime, and everything seems out of sorts, or they can't put their finger on what is wrong.

They are tired of the same old stuff repeating and desire the how-to skills to make changes and get ahead and increase their abundance.

They have lost their luster for business and life and need a strategy plan and some new skills on how to get their energy and business back on track.

They have a desire to see what is in front of them and what they have to work with or what could work against them.

Numerology is your map to reading the future and the past and what can help you find your purpose and passion for living again.

Their relationship, work or family life has fallen apart, and they need to understand why or how to get things in perspective or back on track again.


Rosina made me aware of not only my own limiting beliefs but provided me with the tools to break through them and continue to excel in my business and personal life. I went from earning $26,000 in my first year in business to $150,000 this year and still growing.

Leon Forde

I was feeling lost and had no idea how to make the steps to change or even what I wanted. Rosina mentored me and really helped me understand what I was giving away and why I felt so despondent all the time.

Rona Andrews

I don’t question myself and know I now have choice, my confidence is much stronger and I am more satisfied. I feel more secure in my decision-making and myself belief is the best it’s been which has allowed me to meet new people.

Melanie Mathews

I don’t question myself and know I now have choice, my confidence is much stronger and I am more satisfied. I feel more secure in my decision-making and myself belief is the best it’s been which has allowed me to meet so many new people.

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