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It is time to celebrate

Don't let how you are feeling now define your future.

You have a chance to do it all again with passion.

Believe in yourself by acknowledging your worth - it shouts to the heavens that you are worthy of living an abundant life which means you will attract more.

January & February Focus


A Month With Rosina

Let's Talk Ladies!
A month of intuition, sharing and empowerment with Rosina to help you get ready for 2019. February is one of the hardest months of the year as we head back to normal life. Let me show you how to use this year to your advantage. Join me and let me inspire you and help you prepare for one of the most golden frequencies we have had in years.

I'm Ready To Join You Rosina


Business Superpowers

2019 is one of the best years to remind yourself why you went into business and re-align yourself with your passion.
It is also a 3 and the golden year of the pig - think piggy bank.

2019 offers more than the last three years, and you have ten months to make this golden triangle count.
Join me for a unique chance, one where I will help you see the advantages that are right in front of you.
Contact me to go on the list.

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All About you Reading

You will feel more relaxed with an outline of what 2019 has in store for you. No matter what 2018 delivered, now is your chance to Re-Set the stage and make the changes you need and do it better.

Your 2019 Lesson - each year your numerology code changes and delivers new things to master, let me show you what these are.

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numbers are sign posts

I scan birthdates and read the emotions of others.
I was taught the old ways of attraction and natural alignment through numerology, spiritual and mindful practice. I also ran companies for many years with 50 plus staff, so I get the stresses that business face today.

Your birthdate, name and business info are your blueprint for life, relationships, and wealth.

Let me show you what is possible, what to avoid and how to change your frequency and achieve more.

2019 The Year For Love


I love people and I love business!

I have helped thousands of people and business owners find the clarity they need, allowing them to strategise and build more. 

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Don't just take my word for it...

Take a look and see what my cleints say...

in their words


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I share insights that  empowers, inspires or warns you plus I'm live every Sunday at 5pm NZST


I see successful people daily with immense expertise and ability stonewalling themselves by reliving the past over and over.
My clients say I should come with a warning as I truly help people clear the past and free themselves for more.
Together we can discover what possibilities await...

Lets do it!