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Are you reagy for more?

Welcome to my place.

A place where you can find clarity, solace and inspiration.

Let me show you how to live a more consciously designed life, through a reading or mentoring with me.

Rosina Bond

Don't let how you are feeling now define your future.

You have a chance to do it all again with passion.

Believe in yourself by acknowledging your worth - it shouts to the heavens that you are worthy of living an abundant life, which means you will attract more.

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Intuitive Women's Group

Women inspire women because they know and understand the pressures that life delivers through family, work, love, and money. Women are emotional and need to share to shine, which is why I have created this private group. If you love everything intuitive, you know there is a big cosmos out there full of love and opportunity, then you must join us on our quest to maximise daily life together better. Join us now -open for a limited time.



Wealth Strategy

Numerology is one of the best  tools I know of, and one I have used to inspire many.

Number sequences are all around if you know where to look, let me show you how build strategise for success. A great tool for money planning, enabling you to maximise your advertising when to consolidate or pull back. Come and have a chat with me and let me show you how it can work for you.

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Mid Year Reset

Mid-year is the perfect time to do a review and RESET. Have you looked at the goals that you set for yourself and the beginning of 2019? If you feel there is something in your way or you're unsure how to reach them, then join me and let me show you how to clear what is stopping you. More than 1000 people have done my RESET coming out the other side with an entirely new view and desire for life. Find out more and then come and have a free chat.

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Mindset By Design

There is nothing more inspiring to me than when I see someone I am working with reconnecting to their power and passion and especially when they have struggled to hold their faith in what they offer and do. Would you like to learn some simple tools that work, ones that inspire you to feel your best?

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Personal Insight

When I read for you, your reading appears to me as a stream of energy in the form of images, emotions, and insights, all specifically related to you at the time of your reading.
In the first part of your reading, I focus on accurately interpreting this stream of information for and about you your relationships and what is ahead.

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Master Mind Groups Christchurch

We felt the need to provide more for women. Our Mastermind Share Groups will help take you to the level you deserve. We provide a six-week group or a five hour session for sole traders, entrepreneurs, managers and owners to interact with other like-minded women in business. 

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numbers are sign posts

I scan birthdates and read the emotions of others.
I was taught the old ways of attraction and natural alignment through numerology, spiritual and mindful practice. I also ran companies for many years with 50 plus staff, so I get the stresses that business face today.

Your birthdate, name and business info are your blueprint for life, relationships, and wealth.

Let me show you what is possible, what to avoid and how to change your frequency and achieve more.

I love people and I love business!

I have helped thousands of people and business owners find the clarity they need, allowing them to strategise and build more. 

Take a look at my testimonials.

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Don't just take my word for it...

This is what my clients say...

How did you get all that information from my birth date?

I don't believe how you read my relationship situation and how I am feeling right now.

in their words


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I share insights that empowers, inspires or warns you. I am also live every Sunday at 5pm NZST to advise you on how to maximise the week ahead or to inspire you with something I feel is relevant right now.

This is my passion not my job!


I see successful people daily with immense expertise and ability stonewalling themselves by reliving the past over and over.
My clients say I should come with a warning as I truly help people clear the past and free themselves for more.
Together we can discover what possibilities await...

Lets do it!